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Getting a Reseller Certificate

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Hi Everyone,

Need your help and suggestions to an issue which i have been really struggling with recently. I would really appriciate your support. Slighly long post as details have to be included.

I am from India and i have a shopify store and i would like to work with the US brands / Wholesellers in my niche soley for the US market.

I would like to become an online reseller or online retailer for those brands so that i can list their products on my store and when an order comes they can ship it to the customer locally in the US. It is kind of a Dropshipping model only.

I have a propreitor firm registered here in India and i have taken an EIN by calling the IRS over the phone.

I have contacted many suppliers and they ask for 2 things. An EIN and an Reseller Certificate.

My queries are the following -

1) Will any Brand or Wholeseller work with me without having the reseller certificate as i have not found anyone till now?

2) Is my Indian registered company enough or i will have to register and LLC in US?

3) I have done the research and it seem Wyoming seems to be the best option to register an LLC & the total cost for incorporation along with having an agent comes till $250. Does that figure seem correct?

4) If i registered my LLC in Wyoming then how easy or how difficult it is to get an Reseller Certificate? I think i can get it online easliy, can anyone please confirm.

5) If i get the Reseller Certiicate in Wyoming then will that document suffice or i will have to take the reseller certificate for every state? As the end customer can be from any US state, do i have to take the reseller certificate for all of them, which seems to be very tough.

6) If i do get everything, i have no idea how to file taxes in the US. Is it easy or difficult? 

Last one

7) Does this seem like a good model, as i belive if one becomes an authorized reseller of a known brand which people are already looking for on google, it can sell pretty well. Any comments on this please.

Apologies for the longish post but i would really love if someone can answer this queries. I will be really really grateful.



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