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Getting Flagged for Price Gouging

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So I am new to shopify, and yes like everyone else i neglected to read the user agreement so shame on me, but my store was recently flagged because some items that were listed from oblero app were considered overly marked up... now i never changed any of the settings in the app so I assumed the suggested price from oblero was a safe price... 


Id like to relist the flagged product without getting in trouble.. shopify expects me to provide a listing from a national retailer with a similar price.. i dont agree with that.. i should be able to set my own prices, but i do agree the price was too high... if the products 10$ i dont want to list it for double.. can i manually set prices on imported oblero products to be in a safe zone? im fine with only marking up a couple dollars per sale

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You should be able to just type in the price you want it at in Oberlo, no need to use their suggested price. If it's already imported you should be able to change it by editing the product price within your Shopify product list.