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Gorilla Wholesale App Dashboard

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Hello, I hope somebody can help me. This is in regards to my Wholesale Gorilla App Dashboard. I have a had feedback from my stockists and Agents and they all wish if it was possible to have an extra column in their dashboard that would show in between the ORDER number and the DATE column the BILLING NAME or BILLING BUSINESS NAME (see screenshot)? My wholesale agents use their account to order for different clients and that way on their dashboard they could see what order is for what store? But it needs to be either the names or the business names of BILLING or SHIPPING accounts, would that be possible to add?
I have asked the Team from Wholesale Gorilla and this was their response:

Hey there Sharon,
Thanks for reaching out, and I hope that you've been well since we last spoke! 🙂
Unfortunately, this portion of your customer's account pages is still created & managed entirely by Shopify, rather than our app, thus you would need to reach out to them (and likely your theme developers) in order to find out how to adjust it. I'm very sorry that we're not able to offer further assistance here, but we're really only qualified to make adjustments to whatever we offer through the app. Thanks so much for your understanding, and best of luck with Shopify/your theme developers on getting this changed per your liking! 🙂

I ask on the Shopify Chat and they couldnt help either, I am using the Woikee Theme from ThemeForest .


Any help or suggestions would be great thanks! 

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Hi @Sharon78 

I recommend contacting any Shopify experts for these custom tasks. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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