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I was wondering if someone could help me. I'm brand new to dropshipping so bear with me.

I've picked a niche that sells outer space related items, like NASA and SpaceX shirts, telescopes, models, etc. The only merchandise I have found doesn't ship to the USA, and if it does it's pretty expensive. I've search Oberlo, Modalyst and Spocket to no avail.

Does anyone know of any other suppliers I should check with? Also, do you see everything on the free version of Spocket or do you have to buy a subscription first?

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @pjw 

Have you done the audience research for your niche? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Yes, I have a space related blog, so I was hoping to make the store an extension of the blog. People really like NASA and Spacex type stuff. I'm just having a hard time finding the merchandise I'm looking for.

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Hi @pjw 

Have you heard about Salehoo, Alidropship, WholesaleB2B, or Doba. There are a lot of good dropship suppliers that ship to the USA, you can find them here: 22 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA.

Hope it helps!

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