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How do i conect my teespring store to my shopify store? someone please help

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Hello @Ghosted 


There is no option to connect teespring. Alternatively, you can try Teelaunch. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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The following are steps to connect teespring store to  shopify store:

Step 1: Head to Shopify App Store

initially, you can head to Shopify App Store and search for Fulfillment By Teespring app. 

Step 2: Add the app to your Shopify store

Next, you can add the app to your Shopify store. Whenever you finish installing the app, you 

Step 3: Connect your own account to Teespring

As Fulfillment by Teespring app is ready, you might be required to connect your current teespring account. This app can work well by empowering you to get your teespring campaigns imported into Shopify stores as items.

If you have not had any teespring accounts, no worries, you can create one whenever you want. You will have to guarantee that any artwork you are crazy about to use for your store will be added to your teespring campaigns.


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