How do I "talk" to another Shopify store?

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A company (who also uses Shopify) sells products that we private label for them. Once a sale is complete on their site, they email us the customer/shipping info. Currently, we just fulfill that order manually and it never gets entered into our Shopify. We charge the other company by invoicing them manually once a month.


We need a better process:


1) Can their Shopify store send the order electronically to my Shopify store? Account would need to show the company as the purchaser, not the customer, so that the company can be invoiced, since the customer has already paid.

2) Are there any batch invoicing options so that I only pay ONE transaction fee for the month's invoice? If the customer orders come over individually, I assume I'll have to pay a transaction fee per customer order.

3) Since the entire order is already paid for before we receive it, but if I purchase shipping through Shopify, is there a transaction fee just for purchasing the shipping and then also invoicing?

4) If I purchase the shipping thru Shopify, who does the email come from to the customer with tracking info? The shipper, me, or the original company?


Bearing in mind:

- I cannot log this customer as a customer of mine since the agreement is with the other company.

- Shipping has already been paid for on the other company's site.

- We can choose how to ship; I'd like to take advantage of Shopify shipping rates.


I'll throw another wrench in this question.... I actually have TWO stores that sell our private label. One uses Shopify and one uses Wordpress. My post is regarding the one that uses Shopify but if anyone has advice on the same questions for the one that uses Wordpress, I'd appreciate it.


I hope this all makes sense! Thank you in advance for your help!!


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Can you share your store URL?

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Thank you
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This is definitely possible via the APIs of Shopify.


In the API docs, Shopify notes you can create an Order via the API and mark it with any payment status. It won't allow a transaction to occur on that order, as that would be in breach of PCI, but that shouldn't matter in this use case as payment is already collect by your trading partner.


With a proper integration platform, you'll be able to configure the connectors to relate the orders to the trading partner, apply payment status and track for later invoicing. 


It's also worth noting, all the order data exchanges between Shopify sites wouldn't have a transactional fee associated, as the data exchange is done via API and not through an EDI transaction. The only exception here may be how your trading partner handles invoicing and if they'll require an EDI transaction for their own systems. 


As for shipping fees, that'd depend on how you're handling your relationship with the original trading partner and how your Pick, Packing and Shipping your products - there are a few ways to handle this but that's generally subject to the Trading Partners business standards. 


In regards to Tracking detail, you can upload the tracking codes and trigger the email on the Order in your Shopify store, as long as you have the appropriate customer details in the Order set up. Where and how you receive the tracking detail will again depend on how and where you pick, pack and ship.


I hope that helps a bit and feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss further. 




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My company actually built a wholesale/reseller function for exactly this scenario.  If you haven't found a solution yet, I'd love to talk to you more about our functionality.  You can reach me at




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