How do you go about customising a product on Alibaba?

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So I found a product I want to source on Alibaba but I would like to improve it. I actually bought this product on Amazon and there are few things about it that get negative reviews from people. I've already contacted a potential manufacturer about the customisation and they will most likely be willing to do it. 

Now, we haven't discussed the prices yet, but I'm already thinking this deal might be too expensive. Considering that the product weights 8 lbs, the shipping itself will probably be pricey. 

Does anyone have any experience with customising a product beyond sticking a logo on it? Does it worth it or should I look into other products to source?

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Hi @Iryna_B 


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what kind of products do you want to customize?  preferably, customizing product beyond logo sticking will cost you more since you don't know about the price yet.

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