How to Compensate Extemely High Shipping Cost to Latin America

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Hello all,

Had two questions, the first one being very simple.  How exactly does wholesale dropshipping work and how is it different from normal dropshipping? I was under the impression that it is where you buy in bulk but the supplier holds the product for you and dropship as you get order. Is this it?


More importantly, does anyone have experience, tricks and/or tips on how to mitigate extremely high shipping costs to Latam?  It is so high that even if the Alibaba suppliers accepts to dropship it is virtually impossible.  This brings you back to AliExpress, but for us in LATAM it only shows a fraction of what it shows to people in NAM and Australia.


Thank you in advance

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Hi @Yanez 

How many days does Aliexpress show delivery time for Latam? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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For the Ali Express standard it says 21-30 days. (cost between 3-4 USD)

AliExpress (when available) says 7-15 days (costs between 31-38 USD)

The biggest downside in Latam is that in Aliexpress we get offers. 


How do these times compare to, lets say, Europe/USA?