How to dropship multiple items as a package?

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Im using oberlo as a gateway from aliexpress to my store. I want the "out of stock" option. It's super important to me.


I want to be able to sell two items, but as a bundle for less price, but I don't have those two items as one in AliExpress. Its two different aliexpress items that merge to one.


I have no problem just asking them to choose variant and then picking them out of the stores manually, but asking them to pick variants that I create instead of variants that oberlo creates, means I can't follow the stock of items.


Is it possible to maybe follow stock without obelro? Or have oberlo follow stock of multiple items as one?

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Hi @Case4You 

You can create options, variants manually on the Shopify admin side. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hello, I know that I can create manually, that's what I did, but then oberlo doesn't know when it is out of stock. Also, I can only create 3 variants (color, size, and something else) so I cant for example make a "choose color and size for first item, then color and size for second one".