How to get traffic and sales?

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Hello everyone, I opened my dropshipping store since a month ago and don't got any sales yet. The traffic was also pretty low, about 250 views since started. What should I do to get more traffic and sales?
What would be a good solution without spending a lot money for ads. I am thankful for any provided help which could result more traffic and sales.
My store is:
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One thing i found out was if you have a facebook page, under "Worked for" you can put the link to your store on there but don't keep posting in your posts like i screwed up and did. Just put if interested in this product, (post pics on your posts) check bio and they can click on link from there. Hope that helps

@Selvedin wrote:
Hello everyone, I opened my dropshipping store since a month ago and don't got any sales yet. The traffic was also pretty low, about 250 views since started. What should I do to get more traffic and sales?
What would be a good solution without spending a lot money for ads. I am thankful for any provided help which could result more traffic and sales.
My store is:


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I already do something like that on facebook and instagram, but still there is a small amount of traffic...
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Hi there, I took a look at your store. It's cute but don't you think the homepage feed needs to be more outstanding and eye-catching. I mean for a shop that sells pet products, I expect something soft and a little bit colorful. One more thing is that the product and checkout page need to be fully optimized. You can add a countdown timer or trust badges to make your store more trustworthy. 

 Since you only started your business like a month ago and if you're only beginner, then I suggest that you should try out with ShopBase. It has an over the top feature called Store Creator that will give you full hosted and optimized dropshipping or print on demand stores as soon as you sign up for an account on ShopBase. Therefore, you don't have to create a dropshipping website from scratch anymore. 

If you're curious, please take a look at it. Good luck with your business!

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Thank you..
I already have a trust badge on all products and all shipping and payment gudelines.
The homepage could be more colorful like a another category in the dirrection, last minute sale or something like that.
But general my problem is, I don't have any visitor on my store. And no visitor - no sales. Did you have any suggestion about that?
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Look up Tiffany Noel Taylor of Divalution Nation. It's like she's reading my mind with all the questions and stuff I have but she is legit as far as I can tell. I'm going to sign up for her classes because she is the first one wanting to support women succeed and has vids out that give some secrets that i didn't have to pay for. So type her name in Google and listen to her or read her info. 

@Selvedin wrote:
Hello everyone, I opened my dropshipping store since a month ago and don't got any sales yet. The traffic was also pretty low, about 250 views since started. What should I do to get more traffic and sales?
What would be a good solution without spending a lot money for ads. I am thankful for any provided help which could result more traffic and sales.
My store is:


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Oh, I just have found a cool app named Boost Converse and Boost Upsell form ShopBase that really effective for increasing my conversion rate. 

If you are a beginner, I think you should try ShopBase that helps you to optimize your dropshipping store and get more sales.

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Hi @Selvedin! How are you? I'm Gabby from Spocket's Community Engagement team and I just wanted to add to the insights already given by some people who've replied to your concern.


I saw you mention that you have indeed used Facebook and Instagram to try and get traffic to your store but it hasn't worked. I'm curious to know though, what actions have you specifically taken with the two platforms? Have you tried creating a content strategy on both? By content strategy I mean posts specifically geared towards the marketing and promotion of your store and its products. If you haven't, then I highly suggest you consider doing it. This is just one of the major things I always recommend to dropshippers/online store owners when they reach out and ask for a review of their sites. Social media plays a key role in generating traffic and eventually sales to your store. It's also a good way to connect and engage with your customers - to answer questions they may have about your store or just create content about your products that'd entice them to make a purchase. It also doesn't involve spending a lot of money due to the many features social media platforms offer, so make the most of it. 


And since we're in the topic of social media, you can join Spocket's Facebook group to help acquire traffic for your store. I do weekly posts asking members to share their store URLs or Facebook business pages to let other dropshippers know about your store. You can also get expert help and feedback from the members of the group.


I'd also like to invite you to check out our blog! We publish articles on tips to better sell your products, guides on how to effectively operate your business, and some success stories. Hope these help!

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I have took everything on social media, posting products, discount, stories about products...
You can check it out on Instagram @i.n.s.t.a.k.i.t.t.y
I had stories who had over 3k views, then I posted products on stories, but even with the all people who saw it, only a few click on the link to the store, but no one has bought anything. On my last fb ad I had 6 comments asking how to order, what's the price... I answered ut as best as I can, but still no results
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Hi @Selvedin!


First of all, good job with all your efforts in terms of bringing sales to your store. As I see it, you're definitely putting in the effort and making the most of the many offerings of social media. I took a quick tour of your Instagram and in terms of content, you definitely bank on the pet craze that's been present and will continue to be present online. One thing I would suggest though is to balance viral content (memes, cat videos) and posts that feature your products.


While viral content is a good way to drive traffic to your social profiles, purely posting them over your products kind of creates confusion and a disconnect with your business objectives. One might assume, upon visiting your Instagram, that you're a meme page for cats. Simply put, find the balance in posting these two categories of content. And while you're at it, try integrating the shop feature in your Facebook/Instagram and see how that affects your sales.


I'd also like to recommend this article from our Spocket blog that talks about the things you have to consider when running your business' Instagram: 4 Mistakes Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Make on Instagram. Quick note, based on the information you told me, I don't think you're committing any mistakes with how you operate your social media profiles for your store. I'm mainly recommending it to you as supplementary reading!


In any case, don't be discouraged by the lack of sales for the moment. Remember, it's just your first month of dropshipping - treat this as a learning experience and try to find ways you can improve by reflecting on the results you're getting now. With the tips you're getting from us here, try to integrate them with your own solutions. Keep going at it and don't give up just yet! With the effort and work you're putting in to achieve success for your store, you'll see returns sooner than you think.

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Hello @Selvedin 


There are plenty of ways to get traffic to your site. Keep the most important part in mind though: it needs to be TARGETED traffic in order to be useful for your business. I will present three possible sources here:



It seems like almost anyone is using Facebook Ads for E-Commerce these days and its definetly an awesome platform. You can segment your audience by age, interests, behaviours and demographics to cover almost anything you can think of.


Its also a great platform to raise brand awareness and build an audience in the first place. This way you can leverage your advertising spent (shares, likes, recommendations, organic reach etc.)


However, keep in mind that with Facebook you PUSH your product in front of your customers’ eyes, meaning you disrupt what they currently do to present them a product they might or might not like. Which leads to my next point:


Google AdWords:

AdWords is an awesome platform thats often forgotten when it comes to E-Commerce. You can advertise to people who are actively searching for your kind of products. That makes a conversion normally more likely than on Facebook (ultimately the costs have to align of course).


AdWords is less suited to leverage adspent, but often better suited for direct, straightforward sales:

People are actively looking for something → they find your listed ad → they click on it → if they like your page and offer they might buy → done.


Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is another option that seems to be gathering momentum.


You might find an Instagram influencer with a large following in your niche, strike a deal with them to post a pic of them with your product and a shoutout in exchange for the product as a FREE gift or some people sell shoutouts.


There are a bunch of ways, paid is usually the short cut so be prepared with a budget. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Actually this is my third month now. I tryed everything to generate traffic and sales but nothing worked at all.
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I used facebook for ads, which can be pretty useful and cheap but in my case, they don't gave me any results.
Google Adwords is a great tool, maybe I use it sometimes...
Influencers are pretty expensive but there is still a low chance to be effective...
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hi @Selvedin 


  • Run paid social media sites marketing campaign.
    • 1.Facebook advertisements.
    • 2. Instagrams advertisements.
    • 3. Pinterest advertisements.
    • 4. Google Ads.
  • Talk on social media sites.
    • 5. Get friends and family to share.
    • 6. Proactively engage on Twitter.
    • 7. Article your store to Reddit.
    • 8. Drive enjoyment with competitions and giveaways.
    • 9. Deal time-sensitive price cuts.
  • Reach new target markets with influencer marketing.
    • 10. Send out totally free examples to Instagram influencers.
    • 11. Connect to bloggers and press.
    • 12. Compose an article featuring influencers as well as their suggestions.
  • Draw in consumers with material marketing.
    • 13. Create blogs to offer details or address troubles.
    • 14. Produce podcasts to reach brand-new audiences.
    • 15. Use video clip to enlighten or captivate.
  • Usage Search Engine Optimization to enhance your shop’s discoverability.
    • 16. Create titles that match search intent.
    • 17. Create alluring meta summaries.
    • 18. Take advantage of inner web links.
    • 19. Add long-tail keyword variants to your web pages.
    • 20. Stick out with rich bits.

Run paid social media sites advertising campaign.

To raise internet site web traffic for your online shop, you need to be able to get your company before your ideal customers. With paid social media advertisements, you can create highly targeted projects that serve custom-made ads to the clients that are probably to click via and buy your products.

If you’re thinking about running paid social networks advertisements, below are some systems you need to consider:.

1. Facebook advertisements.

  • Technique type: Short-term.
  • Effort: Low.
  • Time to ROI: Days.

With 2.6 billion month-to-month energetic users as of the very first quarter of 2020, Facebook is the largest social networks platform on the planet. Facebook is filled with opportunities for you to reach brand-new customers as well as drive them to your on-line shop. Its durable advertising and marketing platform lets you target customers based on their interests, habits, place, and extra. Facebook also can be a device that conserves you time and money by maximizing your advertisement delivery as well as getting your message in front of those more than likely to transform.

Utilizing Facebook Dynamic Advertisements you can even offer customers who have previously visited your web site instantly generated ads featuring the products they have actually already looked at or contributed to their carts. These effective ads can help you bring customers back to your web site, so you can make the most of the traffic you’re currently obtaining.

2. Instagram ads.

  • Tactic type: Short-term.
  • Effort: Low.
  • Time to ROI: Days.

Instagram is an exceptionally preferred platform, with more than one-billion energetic customers worldwide, with 90% of accounts adhering to an organisation according to Instagram.

There are plenty of Instagram devices to expand your following, locate hashtags, or create video clips or photos for advertising. Producing Instagram advertisements is most likely to cause expanding internet site traffic and also sales, so, if you’ve already constructed a military of fans on Instagram, you aren’t truly using it to its full capacity up until you have actually tried its advertising platform.

See to it you’re registered for an Instagram Service account or transform a personal account to a company one. This will offer you even more ways to connect with your audience through Instagram advertisements. The platform uses the capability to create ads as images, videos, slide carousels, collections, and also stories, so you can begin producing advertisements in the material format you locate easiest.

3. Pinterest advertisements.

  • Method kind: Short-term.
  • Initiative: Low.
  • Time to ROI: Days.

Pinterest is the ideal place to reach your potential customers as they check out the platform to think about future activities and purchases. According to Pinterest, 72% of energetic users state they utilize it to find brand-new brands and services, as well as, in one more study, 90% of participants stated Pinterest provides concepts about which products to purchase.

Pinterest is extremely prominent amongst specific niche teams like home decorating, refurbishing, landscaping, as well as DIY crafts and is ideal for organisations intending to make invasions with these markets.

Pinterest is house to Promoted Pins, a form of paid advertising and marketing that pushes your Pins to the top of your consumers’ search results, helping you stick out from the group. Promoted Pins assimilate with the remainder of Pinterest’s web content, making it a wonderful device for catching your customers’ attention and also pulling them to your on the internet store.

4. Google Advertisements.

  • Strategy type: Short-term.
  • Effort: High.
  • Time to ROI: Days.

Unlike social media sites advertising and marketing systems, Google Advertisements use an unique possibility to market your products and services directly to individuals proactively searching for them. Emarketer reports that 35% of users acquire a product within 5 days of searching for it.

Google gives you the alternative to place your advertisement before individuals on the world’s two largest online search engine: Google as well as YouTube. Although the platform provides you the capacity to raise internet traffic as well as sales, on the disadvantage, it’s a complex system to navigate for beginners, and also you can risk investing a lot of money advertising to the incorrect audience.

Google provides three ways to put your ad in front of web browsers; search advertisements, Google Present Network, and YouTube advertisements. Google ads operate an auction basis: the amount you bid on your chosen key phrases will determine your positioning in connection with other prospective buyers, along with relevancy to the search term.


This is too much, I can’t finish it here, but you can check this out

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Hi @Selvedin 

I'd recommend you try paid advertising and optimize your product pages.

Here are the guides:

  1. 13 Types of Advertising to Promote Products in 2020
  2. Increase Conversion Rate for Shopify Store in 2020

Hope it helps!

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