How to import products in Shopify in India

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So, I use to run my store, from India, back in early 2020. It was easier then as I use to import products from Aliexpress via Oberlo.

But after escalation at the border, between the Indian army and Chinese forces (PLA), the Indian government banned all Chinese websites and apps, Aliexpress being one of them.

Now, I am restarting my store in 2021, in India. I just wanna know one thing - How do I import products in my Shopify store with auto fulfillment of the orders?

Oberlo was very good and I found it very easy to use to import products from Aliexpress. But since, it is only for Aliexpress and Aliexpress does not work in India anymore. What alternatives do I have?

I already contacted Shopify support and asked the same, they did inform me about some apps but they are not compatible with my store as it only works for stores selling in INR and I want to sell in USD.

Please give some suggestions as to what to do?

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