how to know the sales amount for each shopify connected to cjdropshipping

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I have run at the moment 2 shopify stores connected to CJdropshipping and all the orders come from there. I want to count the amounts I have on each store (separate) to count everything well and faster. My agent told me there is no other way but to extract the orders in excel one by one because on the order list it is not showing from what store they come from, and it is too long to do so. 


I know there are a lot of you guys that use CJdropshipping and there must be a way to do this, let me know what you do


have a great day

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Hello @JohnWayne ,

Report Pundit app has a multi-shop integration feature. You can integrate all your store in one place and analyze sales, products, and other information.

We have live customer support who can assist you in creating the report.

Contact us at or our live support.


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Hello @JohnWayne 

Are you using only cjdropshipping or some other suppliers apps as well? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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