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how to know which product to sale

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hey everyone , 

do you have some method to choose some product to sale ? 

app or something ? 

thanks for your help 

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@Naor wrote:

hey everyone , 

do you have some method to choose some product to sale ? 

app or something ? 

thanks for your help 

Try adding a tag "sale" for the product. Most themes implement using tags and its possible the functionality is already there

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Hi Naor,


Choosing products to sell can be simple.


You can visit some mainstream B2C website and select products with filter to find the trendy products that sellers are dealing with!

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Below is one of the most commonly used technique to find products.


Just type “50% off” “free shipping”  in your facebook search box and tap to video tab. Then check the year 2018 and search videos from last 3 months.


You can see all the latest dropshipping products  with promo videos. Based on the views, comments and shares you can use it for your dropship store.


Repeat the same process with “60% off” “free shipping” , “70% off” “free shipping”  and “just pay shipping”  to get more cool products.


Choose products by the post engagements, if the post got comments in last 5 days or 7 days then the product is not much saturated and good to use. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi @Naor 

You can try this tool to find products to sale.

Hope it helps!

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My reply is a bit long, but what I said will definitely help you.


A seller used a series of game outer items such as team jackets, footballs, and fueling props throughout the game to bring his on the verge of bankruptcy back to life, and even obtained two times the income than normal. When we asked him the secret of success When it was, he stated, it’s really straightforward. He simply saw the hot news in Google News and also tried to establish various purchase networks in the store according to the different teams. Fans can find out about various spheres here. The team’s products, and even leave a message in my store, wanting my team or talking about the game, it’s as simple as that, simply presented some products and also opened up a brand-new web page.

But you have to recognize that these hot news have not brought lots of surges. How to discover your own dropshipping products needs some other methods. This short article has to do with item option. Understanding just how to change your item option strategy will let you You get more orders and also consumers.

The biggest obstacle most new dropshipping entrepreneurs face is choosing a particular niche and also items to focus on. As well as it’s easy to understand– it’s most likely the greatest decision you’ll make and has long-lasting effects on the success or failing of business.

The most typical blunder at this phase is selecting a product based upon personal rate of interest or passion. This is an appropriate strategy if wanting the item is your main objective, not necessarily company success.

However if your top concern is to construct a rewarding dropshipping site, you’ll want to think about setting your personal enthusiasms aside when doing market research, or a minimum of making certain they meet the requirements reviewed in this guide.

table of Contents

How to Get Going with Dropshipping in 2020

  • Enthusiast items
  • Organisation products
  • Products with repeat acquisitions

Other factors to consider when choosing dropshipping products

  • The ideal price
  • MAP pricing
  • Advertising and marketing possibility
  • Extra accessories to sell
  • Reduced turn over
  • Tough to discover locally
  • Smaller is typically suitable

How to be successful selling online

  • Make your own product
  • Have access to special rates or circulation
  • Sell at the lowest rate
  • Include worth in non-pricing terms
  • Adding worth in ecommerce
  • Have lots of components
  • Are customizable/confusing
  • Require technological setup or setup
  • Google Keyword Phrase Device
  • Google Trends
  • Follow news

How to Get Going with Dropshipping in 2020

Learn how to discover high-margin products, import them right into your store, and begin selling– fast.

Cherry-picking the very best dropshipping products

All customers aren’t developed just as. It’s strange exactly how some clients acquiring tiny items feel entitled to require the moon while other spendthrifts hardly ever ask for anything. Targeting the ideal demographic can be a large advantage for your service. Dropshipping items that appeal to these customers tend to be worth your while:

1. Enthusiast items

Individuals love their hobbies and also will certainly invest mind-blowing quantities on equipment, training and also devices for them. Several significant mountain cyclists have bikes that cost more than their cars, and folks that enjoy to fish could invest a fortune furnishing their watercrafts. If you can target the appropriate enthusiast niche and effectively get in touch with fanatics as well as their demands, you can do quite possibly.

2. Organisation products

Business clients are sometimes much more price-sensitive yet will usually order in bigger amounts than private customers. When you’ve established a rapport and also earned their count on, you open the door to a lasting, high-volume rewarding relationship. If in any way feasible, attempt to offer items that attract both specific customers and organisations.

3. Products with repeat acquisitions

Recurring earnings is an attractive point. If you sell products that are disposable and/or requirement to be reordered frequently, you can proliferate as you construct a devoted client base that regularly goes back to purchase.

Other factors to consider when choosing dropshipping products



dropshipping products

The ideal price

Ensure you highly think about the rate point about the degree of pre-sale solution you’ll need to supply. The majority of people feel comfortable placing a $200 order online without talking to somebody on the phone. But what concerning a $1,500 item they’re not familiar with? Chances are, a lot of would certainly want to chat straight with a sales rep prior to making such a large acquisition, both to ensure the item is an excellent fit and also to make sure the shop is legitimate.

If you prepare to sell pricey products, make sure you’re able to provide individualized phone support. You’ll likewise want to make certain that the margins are abundant sufficient to validate the pre-sale support you’ll need to supply. Commonly, the $50 to $200 cost variety is the pleasant spot to take full advantage of income without having to supply extensive pre-sale assistance.

MAP pricing

Some producers will set what’s called a minimal advertised price (MAP) for their products, as well as require that all resellers price their products at or above particular degrees. This prices flooring avoids the rate wars that typically burst out– especially for items that are conveniently dropshipped– as well as helps guarantee that merchants can make a sensible profit by bring a manufacturer’s products.

If you can locate a specific niche where manufacturers implement MAP pricing it’s a big benefit, specifically if you intend on developing a high-value and also information-rich website. With rates the exact same across all rivals, you can complete on the stamina of your internet site and also won’t need to bother with shedding service to much less trusted yet less expensive competitors.

Advertising and marketing possibility

The time to think about how you’ll market a service is prior to you launch it, not three months in when you understand that consumer procurement is a headache. Can you brainstorm a variety of ways you could advertise your store by, as an example, composing posts, giving away products or connecting to energetic online communities that use the products you’re marketing? If not, you may wish to reevaluate.

Selling a product with many accessories is an excellent method to improve your general margin.

Extra accessories to sell

As a basic rule of retail, margins on reduced priced accessories are substantially higher than those of high-priced items. While a mobile phone store might just make a 5% margin on the current mobile phone, they’ll almost certainly make a 100% or 200% margin on the instance that goes with it.

As customers, we’re likewise far more sensitive about the rate on an expensive thing and care less concerning the rate of smaller sized accessories. To make use of the previous instance, you ‘d likely search for the very best price on a pricey mobile phone. Yet are you going to call about to find the most effective cost on a $20 to $30 instance? Probably not. You’ll likely purchase it from the very same shop where you acquired the phone.

Reduced turn over

We hope you’re encouraged now that purchasing an education-rich, top quality website will certainly pay large returns. Yet if the products you sell transform every year, keeping that site is promptly going to develop into a hill of job. Look for products that aren’t upgraded with new designs each year. This way, the moment and money you buy a superb website will certainly last longer.

Tough to discover locally

Offering an item that’s tough to find locally will raise your opportunities of success as long as you do not get also particular. Many people needing a garden rake or a sprinkler would simply run down to the neighborhood hardware shop. However where would you get a medieval knight’s outfit or falcon training tools? You ‘d most likely head to Google and also start looking.

Smaller is typically suitable

In a globe where free shipping is often anticipated, it can be a difficulty to offer huge, hefty equipment that’s costly to ship. The smaller the items, the simpler they are to ship cheaply to your customers.

Choosing the very best dropshipping products isn’t very easy as well as requires you to think about countless elements. These guidelines should offer you a great idea of the kinds of drop delivered products that function well. For extra on these attributes, please see this prolonged post on selecting a successful specific niche market.

I can't write all of it here, you can check it out here.  Selection guide, don’t miss any hot items

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The best way to know about tranding products is Google trends.

Go to the Google trend and lookup for the products that you want to sell.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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@Naor We have a product catalog of all winning products and we always update it every week. you can check it to our website to know more.

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