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How to work with a supplier unfamiliar with Shopify, what are the options?

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Hi all, wasnt sure how to word the headline of the forum but I hope it makes sense.

We want to sell leather products on behalf of a well established leather maker (they have a website, can ship, etc...) 

The idea is that as a customer purchases a leather product on our website, the leather supplier/maker receives the notification instantly, fulfills the order and ships the product direct to customer (dropshipping-ish)

Problem is the leather supplier is unfamiliar with shopify and integrations associated with it.

My question: how or what are the options, other than directly emailing the supplier, to inform them or have them know instantly that a purchase has been made and the order needs to now be fulfilled by them? How can they be linked or integrated into my shopify shop without them having to develop an app.

Much appreciated.

Disclaimer: I am sure there has been posts done already with a similar problem so I apologize the for repetition.

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Hi @Kingsview 

This app may be useful to manage vendors not familiar with Shopify.  You will do all the integrations with this app. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Thanks I had a look at the app and it's not quite the solution I hoping for.

I need my supplier to be notified instantly when one of the products is purchased on my shopify website, so they can fulfill the order. Is there perhaps a email notification setting I can apply to certain products, that when a customer purchases it sends an email to the supplier?

Just guessing here.

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I think your idea is very good.