I have some questions about Shopify Plus Wholesale channel

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So recently I have upgraded the Shopify to Shopify Plus and I have added the wholesale channel. But I got some questions. 

1. How can I decorate my wholesale store? Like I would like to chose a theme for my wholesale store but the wholesale setting seems to be very limited.

2. Can I change the wholesale product description/ the product page? I would like my wholesale product page just exactly like my Shopify store website. 

3. How can I change my main menu of my wholesale store? I would like to add blog section or other section. The wholesale setting of my Shopify admin is so limited and I don't have too many options. 

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Hi @1233 

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1. Nope, you cannot customize the theme of the wholesale channel.

2. The wholesale's product description is the same as the one on the online store's sales channel. It uses the product description field.

3. You can edit the navigation items by going to Sales Channels -> Wholesale -> Navigation in the admin panel.