I'm looking to invest in over 2000 shopify stors by the end of Dec.

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I have invested over 600,000,000 in U.S. dollars to make this transaction run as smoothly as possible. I am asking Flettchman for any ideas he might have as to the logistics of products an getting then from China. I would also need a guarantee of delivery for all stores plus if you have ample space at your warehouses to  revolve the product in a timely manner. This could be a very sizable investment for the both of us as well as lucrative payoff on both parties. To get in touch with me DM me direct for a online meeting to see if there is any details we might can work out. Thank you for your time. 



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I'm just starting my drop shipping store and I'm gaining tons of traffic and not as much sales as i would like.


By having more capital I can invest in some inventory.