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I'm starting in Dropshipping: your opinion and advice

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Hi, my name is MorelDavid. I researched the world of Dropshipping and was looking to get started, but I was looking for a place with helpful people who might be able to help me along the way.

I came across your forums, which I'm delighted about.

My intention is to find suppliers who support direct delivery in Dropshipping and to sell these products using Shopify.

I found a site that talks about how Dropshippipng works and I found only positive comments, which is promising..

Can someone advise, when you have access to these suppliers, it's as simple as finding products you would like to sell, contact them for pricing and from there, you can agree to sell them at a unit price?

Can I first apologize if my lack of knowledge appears to be ignorant, I have tried to find unbiased advice and support online, but with so many scammers, I am not sure what is true and what is a scam.

Any help/support in getting started would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello @MorelDavid 

Normally in dropshipping you have no need to discuss pricing.  You can sell at any margin.  Sell a 5$ product for 50$ and keep 45$ as your profit. It is up to your marketing and sales making skills.  

You can ask suppliers about product quality, delivery time, MOQ etc . . . We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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hi @MorelDavid 

Dropshipper usually finds suppliers on AliExpress, but there are other channels too, you can check here  

To be honest, dropshipping is a test of time and patience. First of all, you have to consider whether you want to open a niche store or a grocery store. If you are a novice, then it is recommended that you go to the grocery store to try it first and accumulate more. Experience, in product selection, you have to learn market research. Not all products are suitable for dropshipping. This also involves how to select suppliers and how to identify fake suppliers. I hope these articles can help you.

Things you need to know to start dropshipping

How to get started

How to do market research

Alibaba and AliExpress

How to identify fake suppliers

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Hi @MorelDavid  We can help you out since our dropshiping services provides product sourcing and also supports shopify store. Please feel free to check our website to learn more.

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Im also a newbie from dropshipping and I would like to ask is there other niche that you can source @Fulfillman ?

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@KarlaWhatsn1989 Yes Carla we have all kinds of niche and you check it out on our catalog. Please check out our site to know more about our dropshipping services.

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Hi @MorelDavid,

Dropshippping can be tough especially if you don't have the right reliable suppliers and resources of products to sell on your store, but you can add a dropshipping app like Spocket by simply adding the app on your Shopify store.

Adding Spocket to your store would give you access to thousands of products from all sorts of niches from reliable suppliers from all over the world and with just a few clicks these products can easily be added to your store, once you received orders you just have to check out the order from Spocket and the supplier will ship out the products from their nearest warehouse for faster shipping.

Start now and sign up for our 14 days trial period  for you to try out the app on how it works on your store, you can sign up via this link:

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Hi @MorelDavid 

You can find dropshipping products on Syncee Marketplace:

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Hi @MorelDavid 

We are a dropshipping and fulfillment solutions center based in China and have a vast network of connections to the best manufacturers and supplier chains of various products. We are currently growing and we handle 600+ dropshipping stores of various niches in different platform: Shopify, Woocommerce, eBay and Amazon USA. We can do automated dropshipping and fulfillment while you can focus on advertising your products. Our huge warehouse can accommodate all your items and we can store it for FREE if you buy stocks in advance.

Our exclusive shipping, Private Line, can deliver your product anywhere in the world. Our average WORLDWIDE via PRIVATE LINE is 7-10 days! Aside from that, we also offer branding and private labelling services for your custom packaging. We also offer professional product photography at a very inexpensive price, yet amazing quality.

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