I saw Alibaba.com and AliExpress. If I want to import cheap products from China, which website shoul

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I saw Alibaba.com and AliExpress. If I want to import cheap products from China, which website should I choose? Although it takes several weeks to transport goods from China, their products are much cheaper than recruiting suppliers from my own. I researched for a while and found that these two websites are the final choice for most dropshippers. I want to know this What is the difference between the two? Or are there other suitable suppliers? Be reliable and serious.
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Hello @Drak_W 

We recommend using Aliexpress for dropshipping.  Alibaba only for wholesale orders.  Dropshipping requires only retail orders. 

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Hello, Alibaba usually for wholesale orders, Aliexpress for retails. 

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They are dropshipping. Are you a Shopify store? If so, please provide the URL. Otherwise, how are you on this forum? Also, they are dropshipping, but you say you have a MOQ of 100pcs per model. I do not dropship because I like my customers too much to send them goods from suppliers I don't work with personally, whether in China or not, but I am sure that dropshippers don't buy in bulk lots like this.

I wasn't aware this was a sales and spamming platform. Your name brings up your business on platforms like Alibaba and Made-In-China. Hopefully Shopify will put a stop to this. 

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