If You'll Push Me, I Will Pull You, & We'll Both Move Forward!

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It is really sad to see the hopelessness that has captured so many peoples attention these days.  It is as though GOD pressed the 'reset button' and all the rules have suddenly changed.  As someone who has always had a sense of foreboding doom, I've always been in the process of preparing for the worst times. Consequently I feel strangely confident about the near future despite that dreaded corona-virus.  Why, because I'm an entrepreneur and creator of solutions.  As these are times when fear and uncertainty abound, true entrepreneur's spring into actions as their creative engines kick into overdrive.


Coming out of this global pandemic, business owners are going to take every opportunity to automate and upgrade leading the elimination of hundreds-of-thousands of job.  GOD help anyone, regardless of their education, who is defending on finding a job. 


Because you've secured a Shopify web store, you're a hell of a lot better off than most people.  However, just owning a store is not going to secure your future.  Truth be told, a large percentage of those supposed opportunities on the Internet are gimmicks.   Despite all the hype, I believe very few businesses on the net are actually making money.  That being said, I'm going to share my plan to not only survive these turbulent times, but to become a thriving world class business as we emerge.  First, consider this cold hard fact.


The future of China as the world's number one source of goods is uncertain.  At this point, no one knows if there will be negative ramifications regarding to Wuhan city and the pandemic.  Uncertainty to a business is death.  It is for that reason I am utilizing North American and European fulfillment companies to produce my products.


ABOUT ME  I am the owner of 'Pugona Rock Club' and several allied brands.  For the purpose of this discussion, let me introduce 'Pugona Rock Club Drop-Shippers'.  In a nutshell, PRCDS is the sole source for acquiring Pugona Rock Club's high quality, popular consumer goods.  During earlier times I performed my due-diligence which has propositioned my Shopify web-store to flourish.  Stay tunes, should you care to know more!







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