Including shipping cost on AliExpress in my product price

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I'm new to this and I know this question may be asked a lot but here it is again 🙂 I'm offering free shipping on all products to all countries, when pricing my products, I have to include the shipping cost in the selling price. I need your opinions/suggestions. The questions are:

(1) How to know the shipping cost if you are expecting orders worldwide?

(2) Ok, let's say, I will not sell to the whole world, then, I will set my shipping cost to the maximum cost charged to ship the products from Ali Ex to any of the big four countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia). Then what if I got an order out of the big four and the shipping cost was more than the max I set?

(3) What if the supplier has changed his shipping prices, what we can do in this case?

(4) The other way maybe is to set a fixed/flat rate for all countries something like $4-5 and add it to the product cost so I can set my product price. 


What are your suggestions? How do you come over this issue in your stores?

Please see the attached schedule to see my way of doing this, and please suggest or correct me if you have another efficient way. 

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Hi @ahmadnaamneh 


Our advice is giving free shipping to these 4 countries US, Canada, UK, Australia


Add shipping cost to other countries.