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Inventory Question

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Hi all,

I just opened my shop on Shopify and I am using Printify to sell clothing. I set up all my product already, which is 13 designs and 110 products. I decided to also integrate my shop into Etsy as well. I downloaded the app Etsy Intergration: Sync and Sell. I tried importing but it was saying I have to have a quantity on there in terms of inventory. 

Looks like Printify doesn't intergrate with Shopify in terms of inventory. So, if I have this right, every time I make a product on Printify, I would have to go into that product on Shopify, go under variation and check mark the continuing selling if sold out and "Shopify tracks this item's inventory" in order to get an actual quantity on the product. Is that correct? Seems like a lot of work. Is there a work around where I can have this done automatically when I make a product and publish it in Printify and Shopify?


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