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Hi to whom may concern,

I have a startup eCommerce store which I just launched a few days go, clothing ,brand
I have also had my graphic design and web design business that has been sitting there for years not many clients which made me start this store Muzzafit. I also have a blog

Want to help me help you. One of those website needs funding that can go towards ads and marketing.
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Why do you think so primitively about your product? Or maybe it is not only that you need to shopify. Think at least not for a long time about bringing your product to the state level and concluding a contract with the government for 5 years. Do you think it’s not realistic? I also thought so, selling ordinary pens, but as it turned out, this was my main mistake. With the support of GSA consultants(, I signed a contract for 5 years and now I'm thinking about extending it for another 3 years, unless of course my team has the strength, as there are a lot of orders.

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I've worked on something similar. It's connected to online games. Here  it is.  I've tried playing, because casinos in real life freak me out.