Is buying in bulk provide faster shipping than one by one from china to US?

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Someone said they get it in 2 weeks

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Hi @Vvel 


Still it depends on the shipping carrier you use. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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In fact, the speed of transportation depends on the mode of logistics.

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Yeah, depends on the mode of transportation. The only variable that might be affected on its base is discounted cost. 

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The shipping duration is actually influenced by the methods you use.

But in regards to dropship, most of the company will choose to use an economic courier option which takes a long time to arrive at the destination.

In most situations, if u use a courier of fast delivery will cost more than the product value. That's the reason why shipping one is slow.

Take USA for example, the fastest delivery to ur door step can be within 3 business days after the goods was collected by a Chinese shipping company.

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