Is Dropshipping Dead?

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Is Shopify Dropshipping dead now?
So here we guys are working on a business model called DROPSHIPPING 2.0.

DROPSHIPPING 2.0 allows you to sell over 100,000+ awesome products from suppliers based in the United States, Europe, Australia, and many other countries instead of China. The whole process is so much easier, faster, and safer than traditional Dropshipping, which means we’re now entering an exciting new era of opportunities…which we call DROPSHIPPING 2.0.

                     Benefits of Dropshipping 2.0: 

  • Find hot products to sell from top countries instead of China.
  • Supercharge your online store for quick sales and fast delivery.
  • Rapidly fulfill orders with ease, so that it’s quick and simple for you, and your customers to get their orders asap.
  • Creates a smooth customer experience, so that your happy customers come back again and again.
  • Creates an epic personal experience, so that you actually enjoy your journey to success, and get the best possible results as well.

                   Some Tips For Beginners/Strugglers:

As I already mentioned in my recent posts that select one country and start targeting the audience instead of test different countries together that's how you sell faster, optimize, and will use your budget professionally, and will scale your campaigns quickly. But please do not forget to run the retargeting campaigns for the customers who recently visit or try to checkout from your store with some discounts and value-added offers.

According to my opinion in Shopify Dropshipping, the main thing is to find good products and test them one by one. Marketing is also the main part but if the product is not right so marketing does nothing and as like the traditional dropshipping we also have a variety of best-selling products in Shopify Dropshipping 2.0 too for testing and selling, if you are not focusing on product hunting in any model of dropshipping or selling so you are making the business for Facebook by paying them a high budget and getting zero ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). So always try to do complete product research before marketing.

  • Always try to choose the product which has social proofing.
  • And never ever love the product or be emotionally attached to it if it can't work just move on.
  • Please don't Edit ads too much it will confuse the FB pixel and sometimes the reason behind the ad account suspension.
  • And always try to give a humble and honest opinion to clients regarding their queries.
  • Optimize your ad account professionally after ios14 updates.

     I am the official Shopify Partner and a Certified Dropshipping and Facebook Ads Professional and ready to help the businesses who are struggling in Dropshipping.

Feel free to ask any queries I will be really happy to help you all from my experience.
I am going to attach the screenshot of the stores on which I am working with my client and make it successful.
Best Regards
Syed Mustafa

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How do you find quality products/suppliers? I only seem to be finding extremely low quality products from the suppliers I have found so far. I want the quality of my products to match the quality of platform. Is this possible without holding an inventory?

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Hi @Syed_Mustafa 

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