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Is dropshipping still can work?

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I planned to start a Shopify store but little bit hesitant over these COVID situation and also someone told me that there will be high restrictions will emerge in future.


Looking forward to someone clear .

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On the contrary, personally, I thing the bad situation for COVID-19 has caused is fading. Many Europe country has been planing on the recovery of work at the end of May.


So you can start to work on you Shopify store now. Think positively you will get customers with enthusiasm soon after the Covid-19 is over.

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Now Shopify offer 90 days free trial instead of 14 days. So it is right time to start. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi @Simplenewz 

I think this writing about dropshipping will give you an answer.

Hope it helps!

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The impact of COVID is gradually disappearing, and in order to promote economic development, many policies will be introduced to help businessmen resume production, and people’s demand will skyrocket after the epidemic. You still have a lot of profit opportunities, as long as you choose a good product, When you shop, everything will become better, but only if you start to act.


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