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Is the Doba app trustworthy for dropshipping?

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Hi all,

My question is in regards to Doba. A lot of the reviews I've seen and even some articles on Shopify recommend using Doba to source products for dropshipping. However, I noticed that it is not a "recommended" app by Shopify. 

This is the message on the app download page: "Doba hasn't been reviewed by Shopify. We review apps to ensure your security is protected. Be sure you trust this app developer before you install."

Have folks used this app? Should I be concerned that this is a security risk?

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Hi @kylewoj 

I guess doba is a private Shopify app. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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If u are sourcing products for dropshipping, try Ourmall. The "Products market" is awesome, u can import all kinds of products u need, even can creat a product quotation.

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Hi @kylewoj,

Unfortunately I can't vouch for Doba, but I do have an alternative to offer in case you need one.

Contrado is a print on demand service that specializes in dropshipping. We have a great range of 450+ all-over print products that you can design and dropship with our Shopify app.

Everything is handmade within 48 hours, and we ship worldwide typically in 3-5 days. 

We'd love to help supply your products. Let me know if I can offer more help.


Melissa from Contrado