Is there a dropshipping company that prints on the back of bottom (ie joggers) ?

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Looking for a company that prints on the back of pants. Also can you have more than one POD supplier for your store. Such as Printful and Printify?

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Hello @chioma1992 

Printful and Printify both print on the Back of Pants.  Yes, you use multiple suppliers in a Shopify store. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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[image: IMG_6606.jpg]
Thank you. On the back like this? Printful does not do this.
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Thank you! Im not speaking of all over print I mean something like just a name across the butt 

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Hi @chioma1992!

Contrado is a POD company that specializes in clothing! We have different styles of pants that you can choose from.

If you would like to print text on the back, you can definitely do so! The pants are white but you can make them any color you like and add your design or text to the back.

We have men's bottoms and women's bottoms. All of our items are handmade to order within 48 hours. We ship worldwide typically within 3-5 days.

Let me know if I can offer more help!

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Melissa from Contrado