Is there an app that will allow other shopify stores to import my products

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I would like to set up a way for other shopify store owners to import my products into their stores 

Select any product they wish to sell

Import the product to their own store 

Sync orders so the order can be sent and paid for by the reseller (they pay me and i then ship to their customers) 


Does anyone know of an app thst that can do this? 


I tried Syncee but there is a $40 cost for the resellers which won't work imo. 


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If you want to manage your own products and select which ones to offer to certain resellers this is what we have through our B2B functionality. We customise the data flows of how you would like orders to flow into your Shopify store from other Shopify stores. We also can post back tracking to the original order so the reseller can show their buyers correct tracking number. If you would like to discuss more send me an email to



Bundleup - bundle your products and unbundle your orders.
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Hello @missfits ,

You can use CSV import/export option. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi @missfits 

We have recently launched an app ( to allow product & inventory sync across multiple Shopify stores. The app currently doesn't support the functionality of automatically pushing the order to other store but we'll add this feature to the app in future.

We are looking for some early stores to adopt the app as we are actively developing the app. We'll provide the app free of cost to early adopters in exchange for feedback so that it suits your use case.

Please reach out to or message me if you're interested, thanks!

Full disclosure: I'm founder of the app

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Hello @missfits ,

You can try out given below list:-


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