Looking for a Skin Care Line based in the U.S.A for drop shipping

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Looking for a Skin Care Line based in the U.S.A for drop shipping and maybe private label if things work out

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Hi @online_media 

These 3 USA skin care companies offers dropshipping program.




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Hi @online_media 

I saw your comments and wanted to offer some suppliers related to skin care.  I suggest to take a look at Dhgate , Target, Etsy  & Aliexpress. You can find a wide range of skin care supplies and also with low shipping times with epacket.
For importing products directly to your store ,you need to use appfreaker app which helps to import products with a single click.
Our app have following features which would help in importing products.
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Search supplier products within the application and import hundreds of product in few minutes. The imported items are ready to sell right away.

I hope this is helpful !


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Hi @online_media 

We have a lot of skincare products. Take your pick:


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I would not advise you to buy products from the USA because they are costly and not consistently high quality. If anything, South Korea is now the leader in cosmetics in the world. You've seen what beautiful faces they have there and how they monitor the skin there. I even had a friend, a native of South Korea, I met her on BB Glow Training, and we became friends with her. So, her facial skin is incredibly clean. First of all, she advised me to reconsider my diet and exclude sweets from my diet. And she also gave me some skincare products from South Korea. And yes, they cost very little, but the effect is visible after a couple of days.