Looking for a USA/EUROPE based suppliers

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Hi Everyone :)

i running my store www.womenpalace.com

store for womens only, everything in one place (clothing, footwear, accessories and more...)

now i work with Oberlo, China based suppliers.

i want to improve my products/shipping and i'm looking for US/EUROPE based suppliers with GOOD/HIGH QUALITY products with reasonble prices and low shipping price.

i'm selling worldwide but my most sells is in USA.

thanks :)


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Hey there,  

Really great thread...Any luck finding a good dropship wholesale supplier based in the US/Europe?

We're all kind of in the same boat looking or "The Right" supplier(s).  I've sourced a few decent suppliers for our site mobileiGo.com but still feel we haven't found The One. We did find a couple of our suppliers on Wholesale Central, but I had to really search for a few hours through a bunch of junk retail sites that are pretending to be 'wholesalers.'  It was very time consuming.

Has anyone tried the following?  These are supposedly dedicated wholesale directories in the US and Europe, Salehoo and Worldwide Brands. Salehoo claims to have 8000 plus vetted dropshippers some in the US, some in Europe and other countries and shipping worldwide, as you're looking for. Worldwide Brands claims to offer 10 million items and 1000s of "real" wholesale dropshippers that are also based in the US, Europe.  

Again, I can't vouch for these directly as we haven't tried them yet. But I am considering trying these two myself to add more selection to our 15,000+ and electronics mobile accessories at mobileiGo.com. If you or anyone tries one or both of these, I'd love to hear how the experience is and whether the pricing is actually wholesale.  

I hope this helps, and good luck to you!


Ben and Your Friends at https://mobileiGo.com
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Hey rainbow777

I am interested in learning more about your products! I own a USA based vegan website and would love to see if we make a good fit for drop shipping your products. Please let me know if you're interested, thanks!

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please send me your email and I will send you the link. Thanks.

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I no longer need a supplier, I think I've found a great fit for our brand. Best of luck effectively securing retailers to sell your product. 

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Hi ! Please! send me you the URL of your site.

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please send me your email anfd website link so I can check it out and respond

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I need your email address and your webiste link first to see what products you are selling and if it would be a fit.

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Hi rainbow777,


My email address is:  BellaVault@gmail.com

I recently launched my website BellaVault.com.  I am selling natural & organic health & beauty products (my collections are: makeup, bath & body, skincare, hair care, nail care and brushes & tools).

Please advise what proudcts you offer.  I'd like to add more products to my collection.


Danixa Rivera


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Hello Carlos,

You can view all our items along with the inventory information from our new web site www.capellaapparel.com

Presently, we have the DROP SHIP program for the Wholesale Buyers only (Business to Business "B2B").  That means, the buyer has to buy in packs (2Large, 2Medium, 2Small).  
The buyers can re-sell the packs to other suppliers or wholesalers. Basically, you will have a wholesale business without the inventory and costs
out of your pocket.  We do not charge any monthly fees.

Thank You.

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To find Italian wholesale suppliers you may want to look at https://www.sourcingitaly.com

I wish everyone great success