Looking for business partner with experience in online retail

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Greetings everyone I am looking for a buisness partner/investor for my online mens retail company. I have spent the last 18 months creating a custom suit and grooming company for men. I have established connections from all over the world for the companies sucess. However at this time I simply don't have the funding or expertise for SEO and advertising to get the companies name out there. It is simply to expensive to advertise for me at the start up level. All the leg work has been done now I simply need to get the brand out there. The company is ready to sell and is a regisered LLC. at this time. I am looking for someone that has expertise or experience in this venture that can bring the company to the next level. 

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Love the products and the site design is 85 percent gold. I haven’t examined your meta tags but it’s great that you have a blog and about page. Some navigation text overlaps on an iPad. I suggest removing a few or use sub menus.

Aesthetically, I would use a deeper accent blue. (Cyan is garish.) When visiting the blog, I thought I left rhe site. A minimalist logo accent element could help establish your brand.

Social media links are conspicuously absent. Your imagery craves Instagram and/or Pinterest. Most of my traffic comes from the latter. Twitter is now offering flat-rate promoted tweets fo $90/mo. Great way to amplify your blog posts.