Looking for dropship suppliers with a UK warehouse

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I'm based in the UK and in the process of launching my Shopify store, selling sportswear and fitness accessories. I want to offer free shipping and quick delivery to my target audience (UK) so really need a supplier with a warehouse here. Are there any? I really don't want to have to shut up shop so early.


Grateful for any advice.

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Hi @essdeeactive! Gabby here from Community Engagement at Spocket.


First of all congrats with completing the set up of your store - although since you posted this in early 2019, I assume you've already launched. Did you get recommendations in the time period between you posting this and today? I do hope you haven't shut down your store!


Anyway, regardless if you've gotten leads or not, I wanted to ask if you've had the time to explore Spocket? Just a quick intro of what it is, it's a dropshipping app that you can install and easily integrate with your Shopify store. Upon installation, the platform gives dropshippers a wide selection of products from suppliers from the EU and the US. So given your concern, we do have suppliers in the UK which would ensure faster shipping time besides quality products. As you will see below, we have smart filters on our catalog to make your search easy:




Upon checking though, I will be honest and admit that we currently don't have UK suppliers onboard who provide sportswear and fitness accessories. This is something that I can definitely raise to the Suppliers team - they can source out and onboard UK suppliers who provide these items for a wider selection. Though, we have suppliers from other parts of Europe that could be of interest to you. Don't worry though, shipping times are still generally quick (around 4-7 business days) since they are based in the EU. We have suppliers who have what you want to sell:


  • from Germany



  • from The Netherlands



As I mentioned, we're always looking to add more products and suppliers to our platform so more choices are to be added in the future. In the meantime, I'd like to invite you as well to explore Spocket's website so you can find out and learn more about how dropshipping works with us. If your exploration does spark some interest in you, you can create an account with a 14-day free trial. Should you find that Spocket works for you, you can subscribe to one of our plans.


If you have further inquiries, you can also contact support@spocket.co and a member from our Support team would gladly answer your questions.

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Hello @essdeeactive 


Have a look at the following drop ship suppliers of fitness equipment:

Try the two largest UK online trade directories of verified drop ship suppliers eSources and Wholesale Deals to find many more verified UK and EU drop shippers of fitness equipment. Both list tens of thousands of verified wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and drop shippers.

Have a look at the following sources:

UK Drop Shippers of Fitness Equipment

EU Drop Shippers of Fitness Equipment

To be a successful retailer of fitness equipment you need to stay up to date with developments in the industry, especially in such a fast paced industry where new training regimes surface daily. The best way to gain access to the latest products is to deal directly with the manufacturer or with a manufacturer's appointed distributor in your region or country. Drop shipping is particularly suited to the distribution of bulky items, like treadmills, bikes and weight lifting equipment. You could contact the following manufacturer to find out if they are willing to offer direct dispatch to your customers:

For insights into the fitness industry, read the following trade publications:

For more information about sourcing fitness equipment, see the following past discussions:

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You can go to the supplier's websites to type the keywords of your products in the search bar to find products and then screen out the UK warehouse. 

Top 5 Sites to Find the UK Based Suppliers 

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Im also looking for drop shippers in the uk for archery equipment, and maybe some bushcraft items???? Help greatly appreciated!

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highly recommend http://www.proactivefitness.co.uk/ for sportwear and fitness accessories.

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