Looking for dropshippers to sell Home and Jewelry and electronic consumer products

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Chinabrands is the biggest dropshipping company in China.All the products on the app are directly from Chinese factories. Chinabrands is completely integrated with Shopify, we call it 'out of the box', in terms of inventory updating and shipping calculation. App link: https://apps.shopify.com/chinabrands-3

completely integrated with Shopify in terms of inventory updating and shipping calculation
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Did you try to post on ebay for example? When my wife and I sold our house, we sold most of our stuff on ebay. We also had a garage sale, so our neighbors bought a lot too. In fact, when we sold our house, the hardest part was to find a good estate agent. During our search, we found the best solution, we turned to the company thepropertybuyingcompany.co.uk that bought our house. This company had many years’ experience in the property buying arena and they work very quickly and efficiently.

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Another great company is Quick Property Buyer which I would recommend. They really offered a great service. 

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Hello. Every business that wants to go global faces a challenge of finding excellent partners to manage warehousing and distributions to end consumers. In Fulfillmen we keep on upscaling warehousing technology to ensure there would be no room for any mistake and to secure that all of the logistics remain protected and unblemished. We offer warehousing solutions that cater all big brands to small e-commerce companies. Visit  http://www.Fulfillmen.com