Looking for dropshipping suppliers in the USA

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Any recommendation on dropshipping suppliers in the USA on household products and women apparel.

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Hi @Stevensn107,


Nick here from Shopify. 


The two types of products you are looking into are quite different, and would probably require different dropshippers. I took a look for you and did find a couple of different articles which have the 10 best women's fashion clothing dropshippers and another highlighting 7 quality wholesale women's clothing dropshippers which you can research here and here


Household products is quite a broad term though and has proven more difficult to pin down in terms of finding a dropshipping supplier. Are there specific household products you are thinking about? For example, are you thinking kitchen utensils or other general household products? If you can let me know/ give me an idea of what you're thinking along the lines of, we will have a better chance of finding some more suitable dropship and wholesale companies for you. 


Hope this helps! 


All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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Hey @Stevensn107 ,


We recommend checking out Printful.

They have an excellent variety of products from home goods to apparel. They are always adding to their catalog. 


Best of luck!

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Thank you so much, I do appreciate your recommendations.

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Hi @Stevensn107,

I'll step in and add another recommendation. I'm with Modalyst and we have lots of fashion and apparel products which ship FROM and TO the USA. Many of our best suppliers are US based. Please feel free to take a look at our listing on the app store. If you decide to create an account, once you're logged on, you can find products shipping from the USA here.

Should you have any other questions about suppliers in the USA or womens apparel, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via live chat or at team@modalyst.co!

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Hi @Stevensn107! Gabby here from Community Engagement at Spocket.


Spocket has quite a number of suppliers from the US that provide the specific items you're looking for. So I was just wondering if you've had the chance to explore the app out? For the products you're looking for, membership to the platform gives you access to its catalog where smart filters are made available to you. As you can see in the screenshots below, you can tweak the filters to your preferences of:


1. suppliers based in the USA;




2. household products;




3. and women's apparel.




If you want to know more about the features of the app and how it can benefit your store, I invite you to check Spocket's website out!

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Hello @Stevensn107 


Some of the recommended USA suppliers for you.


MOY Fashion This dropshipping supplier and manufacturer can deliver the clothes directly to the customer on behalf of the retailer.


Koehler Home DécorThis is a US-based drop shipping company that supplies various furniture products. Various classifications are available. 


Sammy Dresses - This is the leading online wholesaler of trendy fashions for both men and women. Shoes, bags, accessories are available. Dresses are the most common merchandise here.


Sparkleinpink - Sparkle in Pink designs its own clothing. A buyer is assured of original and unique designs. They mainly focus on baby girls' clothing. 


Roma Costume Inc - Roma is a US-based drop shipping company. They are a leader in the manufacturing of sexy apparel and Halloween costumes. 


Footwear US - This is an American drop shipper that deals in footwear. It is a convenient drop ship supplier for new ventures who don’t have the capital to purchase and stock items in their online or physical store.

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i have been trying to navigate your app and it is not at all user friendly. it would only click on things i was not interested in and the filters meno wouldnt work.

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You can go to the supplier's websites to type the keywords of your products in the search bar to find products and then screen out the USA warehouse. 

4 Sites to Find the USA Based Suppliers 

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Hi Nick, I found this post and saw you offered some advice. Can you lend any insight on USA drop shippers on upmarket home decor items? I also offer upmarket women's fashion accessories in my store too.

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We have a sales and technology platform in the USA with exclusively US suppliers. It's offers full integration with your S-store . https://www.beglobal.company/
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Here is the range of USA based dropship brands that deliver the best quality to your customers.


You can check the brands and get a pre-built store with them. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 


Pre-Built Shopify Stores Dropshipcorporation.com We are Shopify Partner
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      I am from "Aliexpress Dropshipping" app. We are pleased to inform you that we provide dropshipping for household products and

womens apparel through our supplier sites like ebay, amazon etc.,

-> You can easily import products from our supplier sites.

-> And You can easily place order by single click.


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Hi @Stevensn107 

Give it a try to Syncee: https://marketplace.syncee.co/1?lang=any

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Try Spocket. They seem genuine and easy to use. 

Spocket allows you to choose the best products to sell from thousands of dropshipping suppliers in the United States and Europe. The best part is it vets every single supplier, product, and source to ensure that not only will they be coming from the USA/Europe, but that every order will automatically be processed and shipped as fast as humanly possible!

They have a 14-day free trial which provides you a good time to test the product.