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I'm a new member and I'd like to start a new dropshipping e-commerce with the aim of investing and making it a medium-large sized business.

I'm intersted in these category (in order of preference):
design home accessories
pets accessories
jewerly and fashion accessories
matcha tea and typical Japan items
sex toys 😉
car parts

In a first phase I want to test the market response for different items and after I'd proceed to invest the budget on the best article.

My customers will be primarily located in Italy so I need a serious dropshipper with shipping in Italy with the possibility to personalize brand, packaging and labels.

Could someone help me?
Thanks in advance
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Hi @andreanic77! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


A very late welcome to dropshipping by the way since you posted this for quite a while now! I was also just wondering if you were able to find supplier recommendations foe the items you listed down. I sure hope so, otherwise, I did a quick search on Spocket's catalog and found some suppliers for you:


Design Home Accessories

  • Diaspore (Estonia)
  • Teal Simon (France)
  • Indigo Oscar (Russia)
  • Violet Sam (Russia)

Pets Accessories

  • Salmon Oscar (UK)

Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

  • Magenta Sooty (UK)
  • Pink Tiger (UK)
  • Turquoise Felix (UK)
  • Azure Juniper (Estonia)
  • Pink Lucky (Italy)

I didn't find quite a lot of suppliers for the other items, though I think it would allow for the expansion of our selection if I requested that our Supplier team search for more suppliers who can provide the other items you listed down. Also, as you will notice, most of the suppliers I found are in Europe - I considered that you're mainly shipping to customers based in Italy. One thing I recommend to a lot of our merchants on Spocket is to source out from suppliers who are based in or around countries where their target market is located - this assures faster and cheaper shipping time and costs. This is made possible by membership with Spocket! You are given access to thousands of suppliers from mainly the EU and the US, who offer items that have efficient shipping policies while maintaining quality.




In the case of the suppliers I listed down for you, shipping usually takes 4-7 business days. Access to them and their products would require you to sign-up, but don't worry as registering entitles you to a 14-day free trial and access to our catalog of suppliers - you can also get to use our smart filters, which would make it easier for you to find suppliers and products that would match your store's needs.




I invite you to check out Spocket's website to learn more about the many features that the platform can offer you! Hope you can find the time to do that and hopefully get to be a part of the Spocket gang.

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Hello @andreanic77 


These two companies are recommended to start dropshipping in Italy.  


MEDIA TOYS - If your niche is children stuff, especially toys, then media toys is the go for you. They offer you a platform to get drop shipping service from their wholesale merchandise of toys such as Peppa Pig, Leo, Corolle and Thomas, and Friends, etc. 


BAZAARISIMO - This company is an excellent dropshipping platform. It has been around for eight years now and is doing quite well. This company has a unique and complete system for anyone who has an interest in using DropShipping to start an online sales business.

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