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Looking for Feng Shui Products to dropship

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Hi, my name is Tony and I'm looking Feng Shui products to dropship for my new e-Commerce store. We are focused on helping Feng Shui lovers find the absolute best Feng Shui products supplies. We are looking to carry things such as Chinese coins, crystals, pagoda, Bagua mirrors, wu lou, auspicious amulets, bells, wind chimes, etc. If any good suppliers can be recommended that would be much appreciated. Thank you to the community in advance.

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      I am from "Aliexpress Dropshipping" app. We are pleased to inform you that we provide dropshipping for Feng Shui products like Chinese coins, crystals, pagoda, Bagua mirrors, wu lou, auspicious amulets, bells, wind chimes, etc  through our supplier sites like amazon, ebay etc., 

      You can import products from our supplier sites to your shopify store simply by a click on button. You can also easily order products on our supplier sites by just a click on button.


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Hi @tonypham88 

Where is your target market? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Cool. I will try it out

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I am targeting the US, UK, CA, and AU markets. Any good and trusted suppliers can recommended?

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If you are looking for specific traditional feng shui cures, such as a pair of Chinese coins, crystals, pagoda, Bagua mirrors, wu lou, auspicious amulets, bells, wind chimes, etc your best bet will be a reputable online feng shui retailer, such as,, and Or, you can search for most items on


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Hi we can certainly help you with that. We are a fulfillment and dropshipping company that specializes in anything related to global fulfillment and dropshipping solutions. We can provide you with the best sourcing service and give you quote for free. Our warehouse is free to use if you buy stocks and bulk products. Also, we have a branding service to make your product your very own. Our Private Line is an exclusive line to deliver your products to your customers anywhere in the world in only 7-12 days! Please give send us a message on our social media platforms or check out our website to learn more.

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Hello  @tonypham88,

You can it check out:-

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Hi @tonypham88 

Please check Syncee:

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