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Looking for partner to expand business

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I'm looking for a partner to revive a successful store with huge potential and significant assets.  My company develops and sells unique tools and professional hair care products for hair salons.


A few facts about the company:

  • The company owns the injection molds and the formulas for most of our products (dozens $K value).
  • Shopify store and Amazon store (currently most sales are done on Amazon)
  • We sell worldwide (roughly 70% US, 10% CA, 10% EU, 7% AU/NZ, 3% ROW)
  • Started working with distributors overseas (Japan, Australia, in the past some in the US and CA)
  • High margins
  • Mailing list of more than 13K subscribers (85%+ are customers)
  • Facebook page with 36K genuine likes
  • Instagram with more than 4K followers
  • ~$20,000 in stock
  • Working order fulfillment process (most of the stock is in the Chicago area)
  • Our store:

I'm looking to partner with someone with proven experience and success in e-commerce preferable with some footing in the hairdressing or hair care areas.

Please message me, and I can provide more information.

Thank you!


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I am looking partner for expanding my business for selling different products like watches,hair,
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we would like to business with you contact our customer support executive for further discussion 

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Hi! Not always, advertising is a win-win option for enhancing the customer base of your store. Many investors do not want to work with brands that are registered in some unstable countries, or with bank accounts whose banks are under the influence of the state. A much more willing investor will invest his money in a project that is registered, for example, in Estonia, where the state meets businessmen and is loyal to different types of business. There are resources, such as, where professionals will advise and help you make a business of an entirely different level. Many people also know that, for example, in Hong Kong, they have a very loyal attitude in the field of taxation, which can also help increase not only the credibility of your company but also save a lot of money.