Looking for partners in a working project, dropship business, facebook/instagram marketing

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Hello! Let me introduce myself, I have been lurking in the shadows of shopify for around 1 1/2 year and built various websites for fun.
I have not tried to actively find sales since I dont have a company registred which is law where I live.

There for I am looking for a partner who got a registred company and can handle the sales coming in, and also help with customer support and sales etc.

Also looking for a Facebook and Instagram marketing position to create a good workflow between us all.
Weekly meetings over Discord or Skype.

We will try to create a generous deal to create a happy customer and plan to give out codes to customers to give to others.

It's a website selling candles, with great deals but a good margin enough for 3-4 to split if a good work is coming in.

Feel free to PM me. 

Best Regards Johan, Sweden

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Hi @RandomDude 

Looking for a marketing partner or investing partner? 

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