Looking for POD Provider for posters and canvas

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we want to start an poster POD Service for cars. Could you know the biggest POD Service Provider with the biggest offer in sizes? I know Printful and the other big player, but they only have some sizes. But I need big choices for customer. Also we want to sell worldwide, so I need an provider which prints in EU and US.


Thanks for your help!

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Hi @Armin77 


Please check with the below Top POD companies.


Dropshippinghelps.com We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi Armin,

Have you try Printful, I think they provide almost every product that a POD business needed. You can check it out on their Custom Product, a lot to choose from.

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Hi! Printful do not have enough sizes what I need. So I don't use it

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Hey Armin,


I'm digging into the print on demand as well. From what I have found Customcat seems to me have plenty size of canvas / posters. You can do directly to the catalogue page to see in details https://www.customcat.com/?t=h.catalog


I don't know why, but it's hard to find product "canvas", so you'll need to type "canvas" in the search area as I did.




When you select the specific product you'll see many variants and colors as well. I believe they deserve the attention of merchants.


canvas 2.jpg


Here is more information about selling art work https://www.shopify.com/blog/211990409-how-to-sell-art-online

And canvas selling guide https://blog.customcat.com/now-offering-print-on-demand-canvas/


Hope it helps.


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We would love to assist you with POD for Canvas Prints. We offer any size as we custom make our frames for all of our prints. We offer 1/2" hand crafted prints. We are located in Georgia and offer shipping throughout the US. www.canvasbycrystal.com

Please let me know if we can assist you. 

Thank you

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We would like to be a part of your list for Drop Ship Canvas Printers. What is the process of getting listed as a vendor for clients looking for printing Canvas Prints in the US? 
Thank you

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Hi @Armin77,

I know you posted your question some time ago, but I wanted to still offer some help.

Contrado is a POD company with a great size range for poster printing. Here are our size options for our Premium Posters:


We have a super quick turnaround on posters and ship worldwide, typically within 3-5 days.

Let me know if I can help!


Melissa from Contrado

Get the Contrado app for Shopify: https://apps.shopify.com/contrado-print-on-demand 

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