Looking for private label tea dropshipper

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We are a new eCommerce tea drop shipper that is looking for a supplier that can offer private labels. We are searching for a high quality tea supplier that is better than your traditional teas you can pick up from a corner store (think DAVIDSTEA). The product must be made in an ethical way and safe to consume. We are based in Canada and would start by shipping to Canada and the United States with the possibility of expansion.


If this sounds like you, please feel free to contact me.


Thank you

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Hey @connorsmith,


Dani here from Shopify. Thanks for writing in!


I found this forum topic that's been updated with lots of options for different tea dropshippers. I think this may be a great jumping-off point for you.

From what I have found, I believe these tea suppliers would work well for your business:



I'd love to hear more about your business! What made you decide you'd like to get into selling teas? Do you have a favourite type of tea yourself? I think there's a great opportunity to market your products over a platform like Instagram. If you're new to Instagram marketing, I'd recommend taking a look at our free Academy course to learn more. Gretta, who teaches the course, actually began her career selling teas on Instagram!


I'm sure the community will be able to provide further insight and offer more options as well. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


All the best,



To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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any leads on dropshipping companies that do both tea and coffee?

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We have coffee and seasonings now as well.

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Hello @connorsmith 


Please check the below supplier list who Tea Dropshipping.















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Hi!  You can get buy wholesale loose leaf tea through https://www.californiateahouse.com/

We use their organic blooming tea and it's awesome: https://www.californiateahouse.com/blooming-tea/

Good luck! 

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Hi DarvinLorenzo, like @connorsmith, I'm also looking to sell a high-quality organic Tea that can be drop shipped from my online Shopify store under my own brand name on it, is this what you are offering? If so I would like to learn more you can email me directly at yourteespot@gmail.com

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Hi, we do private label teas, please check our offering here:



We also do brandless teas.


We are Dallas, TX based.


Shoot me a message via our website or call/text me at (716) 948 2635