Looking for quality dropship supplier for Canada

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Hi,  I am new to Shopify and am trying to find quality home decor and gifts (including farmhouse, country style etc) that can be dropshipped in Canada.  Any of the US products I have seen either don't ship to Canada or the cost of shipping is too high.  I have tried Ali Express so far but the shipping times are long even with e-packet.    Thanks.

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Hi @Mel1991 

Try EPROLO, less than 10 days delivery to Canada. 

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I checked this link but it is offering for me to buy a store that they will set up.  I already have a store on Shopify, am simply searching for quality products to be drop shipped to Canada in a timely manner.  Thanks.

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Hi  Mel1991:
 Why dont you try to use Ourmall? There you can find variety of products that can be shipped worldwide. etc.

 Go and check it.http://bit.ly/38FP8Sl

 Hope it helps!

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What products do you have in mind? We can do product sourcing and fulfillment for your Shopify store. We have a very experienced team and can ship to Canada in 7-12 days. Please send us a message in our social media accounts or you may visit our website to learn more. 

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You can try this https://bit.ly/3eHvx7E, they can provide fast transportation services, and can update the logistics dynamics in real time.

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Hello @Mel1991 

We are providing best dropshipping suppliers to all over world ,Let visit our Appfreaker  it's a dropshipping app that gives you access to our suppliers like DhgateEtsy, Target. As a quick overview, it's a dropshipping app that gives you access to thousands of suppliers. We also have direct option like "Add to list " ,  "Edit details" to import products directly to your store with our app . From our app you can directly import home decors and gifts products directly to store.

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Hi @Mel1991 

Are you tried Syncee before? 🙂

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You can check the below suppliers:








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