Looking for Suppliers for Dropshipping beauty products

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Does anyone know where I can find a dropshipping supplier who has ethnic (particularly black) beauty products (shampoos, conditioner, leave-in, sprays, etc) that ships to Canada?

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Hello @QBSC 

Please check the dropshipping beauty product suppliers.





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Thanks but those companies don't dropship to Canada.

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We can help you get all kinds of ethnic beauty products at a cheaper price since we source it straight from the manufacturers. Feel free to check our site or you may contact us to know more.

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Check Symcee, probable you will find canadian suppliers with these products: https://marketplace.syncee.co/


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Hey there! 

Beck from blanka here! We just launched blanka private labeling Shopify app that provides over 170 cosmetics products that can definitely suit a whole range of complexions. 

From bronzers to foundations to lip glosses, if you ever want to expand your skincare store into cosmetics in the future, we also ship to Canada! In fact, our products are made in Canada!

Here’s a quick overview of what blanka has to offer:

  • blanka private label is an app that lets you create your own beauty product line in under 30 minutes
  • No minimum order quantity
  • All products are made in North America
  • We offer dropshipping!

Hope this helps!

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We are providing best dropshipping suppliers to Canada .Let visit our Appfreaker  it's a dropshipping app that gives you access to our suppliers like Dhgate, Etsy, Amazon and Target .
We also have direct option like "Add to list " , "Edit details" to import products directly to your store with our app .

Pricing Automation: Pricing automation will be also available were you change the prices of product directly.

Auto Updating Inventory: The app checks suppliers items stock levels daily and keeps your items stock levels up to date.

Epacket shipping available for fast and reliable delivery.
Ship with your own logo, branding also available in our app.


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Hello @QBSC ,

You can find your required suppliers on one place by using of "Dropshipmate".

It is simply way to importing, And you can search it on app and import your required products by one click. If you want edit item before importing this feature is also available. 

Furthermore, If you are using desktop to importing products by sitting at a place, It causes loss of patience. Simply by using of Dropshipmate you can import products through Mobiles.


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需要出口欧洲那边的,我们公司提供运输方面的一切问题【IOSS账号】等,空派卡航时效稳定,价格实惠,可走普货, 带电,带磁等,加QQ 334888393 或者电话13829098576(微信同号)   备注:添加请注明说在此网站看到,谢谢!

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Hello QBSC,

This is Martin of K Beauty Wholesale and Dropshipping by HYPERCAPE. We are doing Dropshipping Service from Korea and more than 1,000+ products are available.


1. Authentic Guaranteed

All products are 100% authentic or 100% of your money back. We understand the importance of a satisfied customer and therefore trust is our primary goal.

2. Fully Integrated with Shopify Store

K-Beauty drop shipping service is fully connected to Shopify system. It allows you to import any products by one click.


3. Products from Brand Owner and Certified Distributor

K-Beauty Drop Shipping offers you the whole sale prices as it is directly connected to brand owners and manufacturers.

4. The Faster Delivery, The More Customers

We obtained best contracts with FedEx and DHL Express so that you can receive your package within one week. Faster delivery options are a key factor when consumers make online purchases. The more willing customers are to return to your store
* 3-5 Business Days for FedEx and DHL, 1-2 Weeks for K-Packet by Korea Post Office


If any inquiries, please feel free to ask.

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You can check https://dropshipbeauty.app/ A Shopify App for the hair extensions & beauty industry. All products ship from the USA.

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Hi @QBSC ,


John here from Blanka. Have you had the chance to check us out? We're based in Canada and we're a direct supplier for beauty products. We can also do private labelling and dropshipping so we can definitely help you build your own brand!


Reach out to us at hello@blankabrand.com if you have any questions or if you need any help.



-John & the Blanka Team