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Looking to manufacture knitwears with a low MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity) ?

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Hello ! 


If you are looking to manufacture knitwears your own custom designs at affordable prices but are unable to meet high MOQs we are here to help you out! We are a reliable manufacturer specialised in the production of Premium knitwears based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our Company has been producing for a number of small and large enterprises in Europe, Singapore, and even locally. 


Do contact me on my email if you are interested and i will send you a copy of our pitchbook.


Andrew Tan 


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Can you please share some of your product images? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Thank you for sharing with us your shop. I was looking for good quality knitwears for a long time. In general, I think that the automation process of manufacturing has made our life better. We can produce various kind of things with high efficiency. As an engineer I can't imagine my work without automation products from which are really helpful during the process. The only thing I fear is that the automation process will eventually lead to replacement of labor and many workers will lose their jobs. Hope that won't happen soon.

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To be honest, I'm a manufacturer by myself, and I was hoping to find out whether the factories are using toggle clamps that are browsing by type or by mounting. I am asking this as I need a replacement for the knitwear machine. In general, I was considering ordering the replacement from this website:  But I'm not sure whether it is going to fit or not. So I'm looking for an answer among people that know this kind of thing. Hope to find an answer here. Thanks!