lots of reached checkout but no sales

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I get about 1000 store session per day, 50 added to cart and 40 reached checkout ( 10% to 20% ) on average but absolutely no sales, I get a lot of abandoned at checkout, I don't get it and need help improving, I'm out of idea to keep growing and need you guys help! here's my site https://simpleneeds.store 

any idea why this is happening or any improvement to my site would mean a lot for me 🙂 Thanks!

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Very simple. In your very first review someone says they bought it for $60. That immediately turns them away from buying and may even type in your product title and $60 will lead them to water. . I spent less than 1 minute on your website and found that 1 major key 🔑  other than that. Great step by step creating 👏 site and taking action on your dreams.

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Hi @trystan14 

What theme is this? 

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