Make Sure This Product is Available to Your Online Store and Isn't Password Protected.

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After several searches in the Shopify Help Center, I finally found the section I was interested in regarding my problem. Here is my problem:
I can't seem to set up my product on the Facebook channel. In fact, "The Product Status section of the Overview page shows the status of products available on the Facebook channel and states if there are any errors." For the record, my product is listed as "Not Approved". Obviously, I looked to see what the errors were. So, I go to my block editor and in the "Product Errors on Facebook" box, it informs me in English to make sure that my product is available on my website and that there is no access code to it. However, my site is available and there is no access code.

I also specify that I pay my shopify subscription for my website, that all the information on the product page is completed. I also verified that the Facebook and Shopify pixel is the same.

Furthermore, I have contacted the support and even they cannot find a solution for me. Has anyone encountered this problem before? If so, how can I solve it? Thanks in advance.

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