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I run a raw pet food business and use Shopify for my B2B and B2C business. I've used Tradegecko for a number of years, but am now at a point where I have to more accurately track my raw good and consumable ingredients. I've had four calls with Tradegecko to ask for names of consultants or integrators. It took FOUR calls and I still don't have an answer. I'm over Tradegecko. Honestly, I'm nearly over Shopify too.


I need a MRP tool that can handle BOM builds and manage inventory that will integrate with a decent B2B app for my wholesale accounts. Is there anyone here that A. actually had the same issue and found a real, working solution or B. you have actual real-world implementation experience doing this for another company? Please don't ask me to "check out our tool..." unless you have actually, real-world solved this problem, know the software company provides actual support (I don't need KB articles emailed to me as a response. I also likely already tried self help and that's why I'm contacting support),  and have some possible solution that does not include Tradegecko.


Thank you so much in advance if you can help.

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Hi @rawdoghawaii 


Do you mind going more in depth on the material tracking you're looking for? For example, are you working with products like this?


- Dog food

  - 2x spices

  - 2x meat

  - 1 container


So if you have quantity of 100 spices, quantity of 100 meat, and 100 containers, your "Dog food" stock level would be 50 (limited by spices and meat)? And when you mention a decent B2B app, do you mean an integration with a wholesale app like Handshake @


Thanks, hope to hear back from you! I'm also happy to jump on a phone call.

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I have the same issue.  We run 3 stores and making about 3.5 metric tons of chocolate in 275 SKUs.   We have looked at Katana and quite frankly, it doesn't map to the way we manufacturer.   It does provide some functionality, but not in the core production, where we have so many options, we were/are using spreadsheets, but katana's promise doesn't map to the complexity (it simplifies it, so we are still using spreadsheets). 


Did you find anything else that helps solve the manufacturing challenges ?

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Dude, I understand you I had the same problem and can tell you that to find new software company providers is really hard. I have the own cheese business and when we were small it wasn't needed. Now we do a lot of sells every day and software provider is very helpful. I can recommend you to use sign shop management software. It has a lot of useful possibilities like simple interface, opportunity to convert quotes into orders with just one click or to to change prodaction schedule. You get first consultation for free right now.

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Hey @rawdoghawaii -- I'm actually working on a product that targets this manufacturing and inventory problem.  I'd love to learn about the specific painpoints you are experiencing and if the solution I'm building can help out.  Want to shoot me an email at gary[at] 

Looking forward to it!

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Hi @rawdoghawaii 

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It seems correct because industrial equipment is not made to please the workers or bring a better product, but to bring a considerable quantity of items. I know so many people that have worked on a fabric that cannot say something good even about the  . It is normal; to be like that because the machinery used out there is to for the workers, but for the buyers, and the industry must take things cheaper than spend money on their workers. They think just about the profit, but we cannot judge them as we never know what we would do in their shoes