Migrate from ShopMaster due to shut down

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Hi, due to the last announcement of the shut down of ShopMaster.

  1. Can someone give tips on how to easily migrate from Shopmaster to any other dropshipping Shopify service/app?
  2. And if there are any Shopmaster users - please, feel free to text which service you will migrate on?

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Shopmaster closure has sent shockwaves among dropshipping community. It has left Shopmaster users thinking about appropriate alternative. Hence, it is right opportunity to move ahead of competitors using the right dropshipping solution. This can't be ignored considering otherwise your competitors will reach the target audience before you. Now, what makes up for right alternative for ShopMaster ?

- Clutter free, intuitive, centralized, easy to understand and use dashboard. It will enable simultaneous monitoring of different tasks under various scenarios.

- Upload thousands of products from leading ecommerce marketplaces (AliExpress, Banggod more) in a matter of minutes to your store with single click

-  Feature to upload product based on product URL and product id

- Filter and find the specific products (like those with e-packet shipping option enabled or hot selling items)

- Auto sync of price and inventory at regular intervals. That means you need not worry about overselling and underselling

-Price markup feature for ensuring only the best and most appropriate price in set. Therefore, your store conversion rate is at the highest

- Order management for ensuring no delay in orders despite hundreds of order are to be shipped in single day. And all these order reach the right destination

Basically , the idea is to Sell More Manage Less and Save Your Time