Module available for multi-retailer carts with DTC

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Hello Shopify Community! I was curious if any of you knew a module or app that could set up a multiple retailer option on a cart for a DTC initiative, i.e the user can choose from Amazon, Target, or Walmart when placing their order. The kicker here is we are looking for a DTC solution. So the user would remain on the product website the whole time without being pushed off to the retailer. But, once the order is placed, the retailer would fufill it. (i.e the user stays on the website to place the order and the afterwards, the retailer would ship the product and handle the user journey afterwards). 

I know that was a lot and I hope that made sense to you guys and I would love if I could have some guidance here. 



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Hi @TaylorK 

You mean the end customer directly chooses Amazon, Target, or Walmart when place an order? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Yes! So for example. the choose Amazon as their retailer. And then they finish the checkout on the product site and after that, the retailer (amazon in that case) would take over the journey from there with shipping updates, etc.