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Multiple contacts associated with one business customer account in Shopify Plus B2B

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I'm considering relaunching a site that currently serves individual and institutional customers. We allow multiple, "contacts" to have accounts/profiles associated with one "institutional" customer account. Does Shopify Plus allow multiple users or accounts to be associated with a single customer account in it's B2B functionality? 

Here's another way to ask the same thing: what's the unique identifier for B2B accounts in Shopify plus? Is it email address? Or is it something else which allows multiple email addresses and contacts to be associated with one B2B account?

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I am really struggling with this. I think most business customers have multiple contacts. I dont think shopify manages this at all and is set up primarily for b2c. Not being able to have your customer contact the organisation makes it impossible to see our business customers spending history as a whole, only via individual contacts, which tells you nothing really about your business contact as a whole. I can't even tell limited information like how many business customers I have without manually trying to work out who works for which business. We cannot check any data to see if our business customer is still purchasing with us as if another person orders from the organisation they are set up as a brand new customer. I have raised with shopify quite a few times and they always seem surprised it is an issue. I really wish Shopy would address this for b2b customers as it is really a very fundemental issue for anyone with business customers. Even if they produced a work around such as an easy way to link customers to a business or group and have a custom report for b2b so at a minimum you can work out:

1/ how many business customers you have

2/ a total of the business sales

3/ when they were last active.

I think it is a massive gap that this basic fundamental business information isnt availabe for any b2b customer when there is so much great quality info available for b2c contacts.