My friend made 232 sales on the day Linkin Park singer died

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I didn't think much of this until a few months ago when I started with dropshipping.


It was a day when he couldn't sleep at 2 pm (He'd wasted all of his money on failed campaigns at that time). Then he came up with the news when scrolling on Facebook. Immediately, the idea comes along, he got out of the bed, designed and uploaded the design to the web (Teespring I think, don't really remember). The next day, he woke up with around 80 sales and the day ended with 232 sales.


I've been thinking about this. Many people spammed the comment section, posting the images of vultures. But he made money, and that helped him go through the terrible period. He followed the trend, one of the indispensable research to find a profitable niche that I learned from many online blogs.


Then I think about celebs, scandals, and more illegal things like trademark products, etc. Is anyone here doing the same "black-hat" work? What are your opinions about "black-hat" dropshipping?

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There are many sides to this topic. For the fans it was certainly nice to have a shirt to express their sadness. On the other hand, one gets enriched by the death of another. Which is actually not that rare. Ask the label how the record sales of Linkin Park are going since then. At the end of the day everyone has to know it for himself (if it's legal, of course!). For us this would not be a business model we would feel comfortable with.